**We advise those of you ordering from Madison, Wisconsin so select Pickup at checkout, in efforts to be MORE sustainable**

Sustainability is our priority, which is why ensure the highest quality. We ensure everything from our products, packaging, even stickers are sustainable as possible and can be reused or recycled. Our products are made in Los Angeles, California. Every single aspect of our products is completely traceable. We know where every fiber was grown, spun, dyed, sewn. etc. We support ethical labor, which includes livable wages, paid breaks, and overtime. Our products are GMO-Free, Pesticide & Herbicide Free, have low carbon footprints, manufactured holistically, low waste, and support small family farms. Right now, our products are made from 100% Organic Cotton, because it has smaller emissions than any other cotton. Additionally, Organic Cotton can be turned into Recycled Cotton. 

It is our mission to promote sustainability and push our customers to be better, more sustainable versions of themselves. The fashion industry is harmful to the environment. Microfibers from synthetic, chemically induced fabrics pollute our soils, water, and environment. Fast Fashion is detrimental to the environment and supports unethical labor and practices. We understand cheaper products are appealing, but we promise that buying less and investing more in products will not only reduce your carbon footprint but the longevity of your clothes. Our products are made to last years to come. 

Let's feed some good into our conscience. Shop Sustainable & Ethical.

- The Good Conscience Team